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A Comedy About Every New Yorker's Worst Nightmare

Maya and Luke are non-monogamous, queer, and deeply in love. They think they have the perfect relationships(s)...until they get bed bugs. As they prepare their New York City apartment for fumigation, their radical honesty hilariously spirals into paranoia and blame. B.B. is a comedy about love, trust, and infestation.


First Love in Chassidic Brooklyn

When their best friendship blossoms into a passionate and forbidden love affair, Yael and Chaya must decide whether to remain in the insular Orthodox Jewish community they've known their entire lives, or to venture out into secular, gay Brooklyn -- two worlds mere blocks apart.


High-Functioning Anxiety is Still Functioning, Right?

This original dramedy features a young, anxious woman who grew up the daughter of two psychologists and has been immersed in talk therapy and constant self-reflection her entire life. When she has her own mental breakdown, she is determined to heal herself with ANYTHING but therapy.


A Spec Episode of the hit show on HBO.

A weed deliveryman in New York City keeps running into a racist stranger multiple times in one day. A college student creatively figures out how to get her apartment clean.

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